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Cambodia – Siem Reap

(July 10, 2015 – July 17, 2015 )

Day 1 : Welcome to Siem Reap
I got picked up at the airport by the hotel and I sat in a tuk-tuk style ride. The driver with broken English asked if I was dating anyone, right as he was taking my luggage. I was taken a back but I sad “no”. May be he was wondering why I was traveling solo. May be it’s his ice breaker. He then compliments me by saying “you’re very handsome” and smiles and looks down on the ground. I say “thank you” and smile. I am already welcomed here and I love it.

Damnak Kunthea Villa

Pub Street

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The hidden gems of Pub Street.
A lady-boy show, a foot massage and happy people.

Day 2 :  July 11, 2015
Angkor Wat | Bayon / Angkor Thom | Chau Say Thevoda

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Angkor Wat

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Bayon / Angkor Thom

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Chau Say Thevoda